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One of the ideal trashes with subscription in the sector is Pretty Litter, the following degree of feline litter. The litter likewise is 80% lighter than others, so you don’t have to carry a giant box of litter from the shop.


So we, ourselves, purchased and evaluated the Pretty Litter to discover ourselves if it’s actually worth the price.


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Pretty Litter Quick Summary

  • Name: Pretty Litter
  • Litter Type: Silica gel crystals
  • Cost: One for $22 two or more $20 each
  • Health monitoring: The silica gel crystals change depending on the HP of the urine, helping to detect possible diseases.
  • Dust free: Yes
  • Odor control: Yes
  • Works for multiple cats: Yes
  • How long it lasts: 1 month
  • Disposable: Yes
  • More Information: CHECK THE BEST PRICE

Pretty Litter is one of the ideal silica gel cat clutters out there readily available for you. Its major feature, in our opinion, is the urine health surveillance feature which can assist you if you desire to enjoy out for your felines concerning their health and wellness.

My Personal Experience With Pretty Litter

I had actually ordered Pretty Litter on Aug 13th, 2021 as well as I received it in a couple of days!

It was so simple to open up and also it was the most dust-free pet cat litter I have ever seen! It’s likewise so lightweight.

Including Pretty Litter to my feline’s litter box

First we tested the dust fragments and the Pretty Litter has pretty much less dirt bits than various other silica gel products we’ve tried which is pretty impressive. Of program, it would still generate dust bits when put albeit being much better than other comparable items.

Card discusses just how the litter works an likewise functions as a regulations for making sure you are obtaining the correct amount of litter in your can.

It took secs for my feline to look into the new feline litter as well as she peed almost today. My cat heated up pretty quickly with the Pretty Litter, and she was assuming that it could be that the fine texture did not truly bother my pet cat while utilizing it. It is very fine-grained and also sandy and also actually feels comfy with the hand which can likewise indicate that it may additionally be comfortable with my felines paws.

Time to examine the Pretty Litter health tracking function.

As for me, however, I really did not really notice any kind of changes in the shade of the litter so I simply concluded that my feline does not have a problem healthwise.

As per guidelines, I inspected the color of the litter in the next 48 hours

Thankfully, the urine of my pet cat stayed yellow which indicates there is nothing wrong with her health and wellness!

Pretty Litter after 48 hours.

I likewise intend to discuss exactly how amazing Pretty Litter traps the smell! When I scooped I had discovered a bunch of cigars, I was concerned that my feline did not poo given that there was no scent whatsoever however! Just wow! Smell control is impeccable throughout our screening phase. As long as you clean it up and scoop out the waste regularly, you will not have any kind of troubles with the smell. I also didn’t have a trouble with the maintenance as it is relatively very easy to keep it clean.

Exactly How Does Pretty Litter Work?

Pretty Litter description on exactly how it works

Pretty Litter on the back of the bundle

Pretty litter assists you monitor your feline transforming the shade depending on the HP of the urine, the silica gel crystals take various shades. If, for instance, the pee remains in a color blue suggesting alkaline (high HP) might indicate certain sorts of urinary system system infection, or if it obtains yellow as in level of acidity ( reduced HP) it might lead to calcium oxalate, it likewise gets red when there ´ s blood and shows that there might be bladder inflammation, stones or and also infection.

The litter lasts one month per pet cat and as it is made of silica gel crystals you don’t need to scoop a whole lot, but you require to cleanse it everyday, you may wish to mix it up once a day, possibly after you clean it, so the litter listed below can rise and also look clean once more, this is possible because the silica gel crystals are extremely absorbing, suggesting that you likewise need less litter than usual. The litter is dust-free as well as it’s household-friendly, which indicates it is safe in case a person eats it, however certainly, don’t do it.

Pretty Litter Pros And Cons

Now let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Pretty Litter.


  • 80% lighter than various other litter-Reduces dirt
  • Home pleasant
  • Traps the smell
  • Eliminates wetness
  • Monitors your cat
  • Free delivery
  • 30-day warranty
  • Wide range of adjustable height


  • It’s much more costly than regular clumpy pet cat litter, yet Pretty Litter entirely worth its cost

Pretty Litter Health Monitoring Feature

Talking about surveillance, the litter alter the color depending upon the HP ¨ level of the pee, yet if it gets blue one-time it does not mean you need to take your feline right to the vet, sometimes it just happens, this is why Pretty Litter can ´ t work as a proof to understand if your feline has a illness, before taking your pet cat to the vet maintain taking a look at the urine of your feline, if he lasts one entire day with acid, blood or alkaline pee then you must take him to the vet as well as check if there is a trouble. The shade indicates something uncommon even prior to the pet cat offers signs and symptoms of any type of condition, however a single shade does not suggest he requires focus currently, maintain monitoring as well as take it to the veterinarian if the urine lingers.

Pretty Litter Subscription

Pretty Litter cost of subscription

If you wish to acquire Pretty Litter the registration sets you back depends on the pet cats you have, the litter is delivered to your door once a month, so you will just use one bag of litter per feline, the price for one bag is $22, but if you have more than one feline then the bag costs $20 since Pretty Litter makes a little discount rate, however after that, the rate is the same, if you have 3 cats it sets you back 60 for the 3 bags, $80 for 4 bags, etc. Likewise, if for any type of factor you intend to terminate your membership you just require to head to the internet site and also terminate as well as state the reasons that you want to terminate however is not a big deal, it is extremely easy and you should not have troubles, likewise if for some reason you are not satisfied with the item Pretty Litter has a 30 days guaranty as well as they will certainly give you a complete refund.

Consumer Reviews of Pretty Litter

Whoa, this litter is fantastic! This stuff condenses into little thick … nuggets when our feline pees in it instead than the substantial glob from clay clutters or the heap of wet dust from the ache litter.
The poop hardly holds on to the beads, there’s a little that gets adhered to it but it’s an unbelievably small amount, I can currently tell this litter is going to last a lot longer than any others I’ve used in the past.

Love this item, it lastup to a month.

There is no smell.clean up is easy.if there a medical concern with the cat pee

The litter adjustments color to show there is an issue.

I LOVE this feline litter. I utilized to dislike cleaning up the kitty box … but now it is SO simple. There are no gigantic heavy ” pee spheres” to dig, the litter is incredibly light and airy. All you do is scoop the strong waste once/per day, the urine vaporizes and also no smell. It lasts for a month. It does track onto the floor however actually simple to scoop. Side note, a lot simpler to carry, incredibly light. I used to drag these heavy bags of litter up the staircases, ugg. Love it! BTW-My feline made the button conveniently, no problems in any way.

Is Pretty Litter Worth It?

Pretty Litter on my hand

I discover the expense greater than reasonable as a result of the functions it offers you, particularly being able to know more regarding your cat’s health and wellness, the weight of the litter, and the odor control, for that reason, obtaining the litter at $22 cost is definitely worth it. Make sure to get it from the official website only, to prevent rip-offs and also getting the best rate.


How much is Pretty Litter?

It depends on the cats you have, yet essentially one bag costs $22 as well as if you desire several added bags after the second bag they cost $20.

Is Pretty Litter safe for cats?

Pretty litter is absolutely risk-free for cats, the product was made thinking of the pet cat’s health and wellness, so the litter is harmless for the pet cat.

Is Pretty Litter compostable?

No, as Pretty Litter is constructed from silica Gel it is not as naturally degradable as other cat ´ s all-natural litter. Do not utilize it for composting.

Is Pretty Litter dust-free?

When you establish it in package it may appear to generate some dust for the crystals yet the product does not contain dirt, it was developed likewise considering felines with bronchial asthma or allergies to dust so it is all-natural and dust-free .

Can I purge Pretty Litter?

Yes, but you should not, it is advised to utilize feline litter disposal systems.

Is Pretty Litter available in Canada?

Yes, but the cost-free delivery service is just for consumers within Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. The remainder of the districts will be priced a fee for shipping.

Exactly how frequently should I change Pretty Litter?

Pretty Litter was created to remain one month, it needs to be cleaned up the litter yet every day need to be transformed just once a month.

What do the shades indicate on Pretty Litter?

Blue for alkaline (high HP) that could be a tract infection, yellow for acid (low HP) which may be kidney condition or calcium oxalate, and also red for the blood that might be a issue with the bladder. For more info check the site and consult your vet.

Where can I obtain Pretty Litter?

You can get Pretty Litter in a number of shops, however it’s finest if you get it from the official web site, also it is better for the cost, the delivery, guarantee, and also other points the web site offers if you buy it there.

One of the ideal litters with subscription in the sector is Pretty Litter, the following level of feline litter. The litter additionally is 80% lighter than others, so you do not have to transport a giant box of litter from the store. Pretty Litter is one of the ideal silica gel pet cat litters out there readily available for you. My cat warmed up pretty swiftly with the Pretty Litter, and also she was believing that it might be that the fine texture did not truly bother my cat while utilizing it. I additionally desire to discuss how outstanding Pretty Litter catches the smell!

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